Kordofan – Scene for the next holocaust

A lot of international attention has been directed at the region of Darfur in Sudan, where more than 300,000 indigenous Africans have died in an ongoing campaign of total extermination by the Arab Janjaweed militiamen. But hardly anyone seems concerned about the regions of Nuba Mountains (in the province of Kordofan) and the province of Blue Nile, where similar events has been ongoing for the last two decades. The genocide in Darfur has been directed against the indigenous African Muslims, mostly from the Fur and Zaghawa tribes. But the situation in Nuba Mountains is different. Nuba Mountains are home to the Nuba people, who number around 1,000,000. They speak more than 60 languages, are divided in to more than 100 tribes and are mostly non-Muslim. Similarly, the Ingessana of Blue Nile are also mostly non-Muslim.

During the Sudanese Civil War, almost all of the ethnic Nuba sided with the SPLA (Southern Sudanese non-Arabs). And they suffered the maximum number of casualties. Hundreds of thousands of Nuba were either killed or forcibly kidnapped in various slave raids. In short, the Nuba suffered the maximum number of casualties on the Southern side. But when the peace talks concluded, the SPLA betrayed the Nuba, in order to achieve independence for the Dinka-Nuer regions (Most of the SPLA leadership is drawn from the Dinka tribe). The Nuba Mountains were left with North Sudan as per the peace agreement. The Sudanese government immediately began the genocidal campaign, which they perfected in Darfur. Village after village was raided in the Nuba Mountains region. All suspected SPLA fighters and many of the civilians belonging to the Nuba tribe was dragged out of their homes and shot at point blank range. Some of the former SPLA fighters escaped to the high mountains to set up barricades and ambushes. Right now, more than 90% of the area is under Sudanese government control and war crimes are committed every day in those regions. Most of the rebel fighters are scattered and fight with dilapidated and stone-age weapons.

Even the Darfur genocide was not condemned by many of the Western nations. United Nations even failed to send a peacekeeping force to Darfur. Super powers like China and Russia were supporting Sudan (for obvious financial and political reasons). Even developing nations like India refused to support an embargo against the Sudanese government. The silence maintained over the Kordofan conflict is even more marked. So far no one has reacted in the United Nations against the ongoing genocide in Kordofan. And this is what encourages the Sudanese government to commit these atrocities again and again.

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