10 Tips and advice on how increase earnings on Medium

We will take your steps on how to increase earnings on Medium is a full time work of its own and an investment for the future. The more you put into it, the more long-term success you’ll have. Medium earns money through memberships, which cost $5 per month. Medium attracts more than 220 million users a month and thus joins the rankings of other major websites such as Spotify and Amazon prime to create quality work. If you do not want to read the whole article here you can check the video below on how to increase earnings on Medium.

And if you’re wondering how you can increase your earnings on medium, then you just went into the right video because today, I will be sharing some tips and wise decisions on increasing your earnings on medium. Make sure to click like, subscribe to this channel, and turn on the notifications bell to be updated whenever we post. So without further ado, let’s get started.

According to Mr. Peter Brown a long time writer on Medium – The more you put into it, the more long-term success you’ll have.

If you are an aspiring author, or you love writing life teaching words, stories, or something interesting that can get your readers attention I suggest you don’t stop working, and give your profile the best credentials. Also be influential upon the articles you are going to share; this will help you enhance your creativity and knowledge on the platform.

Increase earnings on Medium

It’s up to you to increase your earnings on Medium. But first, as a rule of thumb, the more you write, the more likely it is that you will make more money. It is important to be a consistent writer that tender valuable content that is truly relevant and unique. You can gain popularity by offering unique information, being a particularly skilled storyteller, or writing on controversial or highly interesting topics. Just make sure you follow their terms or all your writings can vanish overnight. 

Get followers on Medium

Second is having responsive and loyal readers. Though this kind of character is hard to find nowadays, let’s just go back to step one in order for you to aim for a loyal reader that will truly help you engage your profile and stories. In addition to the content you post, you can encourage readers to join Medium and you can increase your earnings by half of their membership fee, minus the standard payment processor fees, for as long as they remain a member in Medium. That’s a very good way to increase earnings on Medium. 

Promote your Medium on social media

Third is, you have to understand a way to promote your work on alternative social media platforms. Your profile and self as an author should be friendly. Growing audiences is hard at first, but with determination and patience you’ll aim at the techniques you had to go through upon writing blog posts, stories, and articles etc to be able to increase earnings on Medium.  Subscribe to this YouTube channel for more advice, make money online and how to increase earnings on Medium.

Learn from others on Medium

Fourth is for your personal learning. You have to search for the most read authors and read their stories. See how they set up their post. Look for the key points that you can find in media education articles regarding what to include in the article and how best to set it up to engage readers all the way. 

Spelling on Medium

Fifth is to make sure you have perfect grammar skills or join Grammarly to be able to use all its tools and create the most intelligent and respected unique article. You can also use Google Drive writing tools. It is very easy to format your text and they also have spelling checks. Save money at the same time you increase your earnings on Medium

Make a good headline on Medium

Sixth is to acknowledge yourself, focus on the three basic parts, put snappy eye-catching headlines using words that draw attention, solid opening paragraphs and authorized leads into the article on medium. Reading time is also important when you want to make money directly from Medium by getting paid for your writing or if you want to use Medium to drive traffic to a website or promote your expertise/services. The greater the amount of attention you can garner, the more you increase earnings on Medium 

You can get rewarded on Medium

increase earnings on Medium
increase earnings on Medium

Seventh discussion and tips upon learning on medium are the bonuses payments. What are these? On Medium, bonus payments are a real thing. When someone writes a truly outstanding article, the human editors at Medium want to recognize it. According to Medium writers, these bonus payouts are usually set at $100 as stated by most of the writers who received them. A great way to increase earnings on Medium.

Medium will boost your blog

The eighth tip is to start learning when it is advisable that your article will get published anywhere, it can probably inform google to maintain your authority over the website this means google may prioritize your blog or article as a reliable source if it considers the topic that a reader or researcher is looking for. Please check their terms with many links your account might get blocked. 

Study others on Medium

Ninth, there’s no really easiest way when it comes to writing, but your creativity, patience and hard work will always be ensured as you continue trying consistently. In order for you to earn enough and if you want to fulfill Medium as a full-time work, all you have to do is study, be unique and aware of the trends that will surely give you a snap of a certain information and topic, its called click bait. An excellent way to increase earnings on Medium. 

Medium is hard but rewarding

how to increase earnings on Medium
how to increase earnings on Medium

For the last tips, Writing on Medium pays well, but it is difficult. Think about writing. If you truly have something to say and the time to devote, because you will face many failures. This article is the first step on increase earnings on Medium, Medium will be your guide upon achieving your dreams in writing and becoming successful as you earn a lot. 

Do not break Mediums rules

Make sure you do not break their rules. Sadly they do not care about answer requests regarding rules and there is no appeal after you are banned. Also they will not send you an email they will just ban you. 

And that’s it. Are these tips helpful for you? Let us know in the comment section down below. Don’t forget to smash the Like button, subscribe to our channel, and turn on the notifications bell to stay tuned whenever we post. 

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