The Filipino Spirit Amidst the Flooding


               Last August 7, Metro Manila and parts of Luzon were affected by the Southwest Monsoon (Habagat) as it was carried upwards by Typhoon Gener as it left the Philippine Area of responsibility. In a span of several hours, floods rose neck-deep submerging cities such as Manila, Malabon, Cainta, Marikina, Mandaluyong, Muntinlupa, Quezon City and the provinces of Bulacan, Pampanga, Tarlac, and Laguna leaving thousands of families homeless.

There was no storm but there was so much rain and it cause clogging and overflowing of canals, rivers and dams. It has been mentioned repeatedly by researchers and experts that the flooding is a result of the unmindfullness of the people about waste management. Adding to that would be illegal logging and urbanization and advancement.

The relentless rains caused lives as flash floods surprised families sleeping in the wee hours of the night. It also triggered landslides that buried people underneath the mud in their very homes. Emergency crews were sent scrambling to rescue and evacuate residents to nearby evacuation centers.  Most families stayed in the evacuation centers awaiting relief goods to be given by the LGUs. Some families opted to stay on their roofs as they watch the flood waters go higher. The week long monsoon rains forced the government to suspend classes and office operations. And worst, it left a number of casualties according to news reports.

The country was hit with approximately half a month’s worth of rain over a period of 24 hours causing severe flooding. But we, Filipinos, must not blame the monsoon rains. Yes, we lost most of our homes, damaged our infrastructure and agriculture, but what is amazing is the resilience of the Filipino spirit. In difficult times like this, Filipinos always lend a helping hand and show their spirit of volunteerism. No matter who we are and where we came from, we come together as one nation to give cash or food and our time to those who are in need.

As we all pray together as Filipinos, we should also remember not to abuse Mother nature to lessen calamities such as the ones we had during Ondoy and this Habagat (monsoon rains). It should not just be the work and effort of one group or just the government, but a collaboration of all our efforts.

I agree with Ross Flores del Rosario in his blog when he said “The Philippines may not be calamity-proof, but the Filipino spirit surely is.”

By: Claudine Pineda

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