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The Dangers of Pre-eclampsia

They say that when a woman becomes pregnant she’s practically putting her one foot in the grave. This is absolutely true because there are many health complications that can arise during pregnancy and one of that is pre-eclampsia. Pre-eclampsia is the condition wherein the mother suffers from hypertension and she has protein in her urine. […]

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Do it yourself iPhone ringtone pimping

Tired of the generic ringtones that are on your iPhone as well as the very common ringtones available that basically make your ears bleed? Create your own ringtones to pimp up your iPhone! Yes that’s right, you don’t have to succumb to these boring and novelty junk that are made available. To make your own […]

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Discovering Facebook etiquette

Facebook is one of the most if not the most popular social networking site in the world. Internet savvy people are sure to have at least one account. Yes, it is possible for people to have more than one for their own personal reasons but that’s another story. People embraced Facebook easily because it allows […]

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Mexican Police Force Girl to a Go GO Dance

The Mexican police forced the girls to strip dance in the exchange of releasing her The 15 Mexican police officers arrested the girl in Tijuana city where she got caught with a guy in the charge of carrying credit card and check which were not belong to them. The police officers forced her to dance […]

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