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kandy perahera

Kandy perahera in 2007 will be started on 23rd August 2007 to 27th August 2007.In sri lanka “Esala perahera” is the colorful cultural event held annually. Kandyan dancers performance is the main activity in esala perahera.

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Life With Google

Currently Google is the empire in The World wide web.No arguments for that!.Many people think “Life with google” means a person who works in the Googleplex.But this is not true.Nowadays many internet users are playing with google products.For an example GMail,Adsense,Google video,Blogspot,Google reader and much more even the best search engine everyone know.Most of people […]

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Introduction to Embedded Systems designing

Embedded Systems is a part in Electronic Engineering.Robotics is also in this section.For a time been many applications are created using this section.At the beginning,Assembly Languages can be used to learn it.Assembly Languages can be obsolete But it is very easy to learn and practice. At the beginning we can use pic programming with pic1684a […]

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What is Web 2.0 ?

You may think it!.As a Digital Citizen you may search in Google the word “Web 2.0“.Just amazing currently it shows 3,340,000,000 number of results. So Now you can think what’s web 2.0? what are the impotents of that?.As a technical definition no body found a real meaning for “Web 2.0”.But we can get an Idea. […]

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