Computer programming for Electrical Engineers

Computer programming in Engineering
Nowadays Computer Programming is done a big role in Engineering even Electrical and Electronic field.So using this high level programming languages,engineering applications became in good quality.For an example we can consider Mobil Phone Applications .In these days we have a wide of range in Mobile phones with variety of applications.Nokia , SonyEricson are the good quality phones that having many useful applications.Most of these application are created by using java programming.So learn in java is better for engineers who create the world.This article provides many tips,tutorials and discussions to optimize knowledge in java.

Main edition of java programming

  • J2SE
  • J2EE
  • J2ME

J2ME is very impotent in mobile technology

What is programming?

Programming is instructing a computer to do something with the help of a programming language.At the very simplest level it consist of issuing a sequence of commands to a computer to achieve an objective.
Steps of writing a program

  1. Create the source file
  2. Compile the source file to a byte code file
  3. Run the program contained in the byte code file

Why Java?What is Java?
Java is an Object Oriented Language developed by James Gosling at sun micro systems in 1991.
A new programming language called Oak was developed based C++.the language oak was developed by removing undesirable features of C++.

Those features includes,

  • Multiple inheritance
  • Use of pointers
  • Memory management
  • Automatic

Advantages of Using Java

  • Java is Object oriented
  • Java is Platform Independent
  • Easy to learn
  • Java is portable
  • Secure
  • Small

So currently this is the programming language is most usable for many sections.Those are,

  • Internet programming
  • Networking programming
  • Web developing
  • Mobile phone application developing
  • Object-oriented program developing
  • Graphical interface programming
  • Web component developing
  • Business application developing

Therefore learn in java is very good thing to be a good programmer.

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