Pedophile group on Facebook with 100 000 members

A pedophile group in Sweden has taken control over a Facebook group that is against sex with Children. They have changed the manifest on the site to something like this in English.
We believe that child abuse would not happen if people could get outlet for their endless love for children on an equal footing with the children, without having to resort to violence and threats.

We do not want to hurt anyone, but when we live in a society that allows
transvestites, homosexuality and bestiality, it is absurd that a healthy relationship between an adult and beautiful children is prohibited.

One of the reasons that this subject has been taboo in our children’s education to do. Parents say the whole time for her children to avoid other adults. This fills them with the irrational fear of something they really know nothing about. We in this group is for a more liberal view on the relationship between adult and children.
See this group as a petition for those of us who do not intend to keep quiet any longer!

Let the children free and let them determine their own bodies!
Members of the Swedish government are known members in the group and they now have to answer to the press.
If you are a member of this group you should bail out and be very careful when you join a group. Maybe after a month or so it will change its manifest and your name will be on something you not support.

Please DIGG the post and help spreading it. Also report the group to Facebook so they close it down.

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One Response to Pedophile group on Facebook with 100 000 members

  1. Estanzia May 28, 2010 at 06:02 #

    I was actually the one who took over the group in question. I don’t understand why people really believe that we are pedophiles for real. But that’s what makes those hoaxes so hilarious.

    Perhaps you should look into the other hoaxes that we’re making. What about the group which was promoting zoophilia? A few of those famous politicians who became pedophiles were once big fans of sex with goats. Currently, 14 400 people with various nationalities are fans of a big pedophile organization which also works for preserving rain forests.

    But those hoaxes are more known in Sweden since this issue has had more attention in the media here.

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