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Gračanica – The Serb’s Last Sigh

Muhammad XII of Granada (Boabdil) was defeated due to his cowardice. As a result the Arabs lost Iberia, which was the birthplace for many historic Arab thinkers, scientists and poets. His mother famously rebuked him after his loss, saying “ابك اليوم بكاء النساء على ملك لم تحفظه حفظ الرجال” (“thou dost weep like a woman […]

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Kordofan – Scene for the next holocaust

A lot of international attention has been directed at the region of Darfur in Sudan, where more than 300,000 indigenous Africans have died in an ongoing campaign of total extermination by the Arab Janjaweed militiamen. But hardly anyone seems concerned about the regions of Nuba Mountains (in the province of Kordofan) and the province of […]

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World’s sixth largest economy – At what cost?

The Centre for Economics and Business Research, Brazil has overtaken UK to become the sixth largest economy in the world. Economy of Brazil largely depends on mining and agriculture. Every year in the Amazon, millions of hectares of rainforest is cleared for planting of Soya and Sugarcane (two of the top Brazilian agro products). Large […]

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Parliamentary election results in Egypt and the fate of the Coptic minority

The Coptic Orthodox minority of Egypt, which constitutes for less than 4% of the total population of that country, is living in fear after the announcement of second phase of election results. The first phase results were a complete shock to the community, as more than 70% of the seats were grabbed by the hardliner Islamic parties. The political […]

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2012 US Presidential elections and the race factor

The overall picture about the candidates still remains blurred, with only a few months remaining for the 2012 US Presidential elections. It is more or less certain that the Democrat candidate will be Barack Obama.  But the uncertainty about the possible GOP candidate is still not getting any better. Right now Mitt Romney is the front runner, although Ron […]

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